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Luxury Sign Miami

Face-to-Face Course in Miami / Acrylic Handling (Advanced) (ES) - SEPTEMBER 23

Face-to-Face Course in Miami / Acrylic Handling (Advanced) (ES) - SEPTEMBER 23

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Our course is designed for those who want to learn everything about acrylic and improve their techniques or start from scratch making any type of art you want.

Acrylic is a material in high demand due to the multiple functions and uses that we can give it. You will learn to manufacture from mini to maxi pieces in a professional way. We make you save time, money, and start earning money from the first creation for your clients, without making the infinite common mistakes in this field!

You don't need experience! Learn and start from scratch


PRICE: $799.

QUOTE: Valid for 1 person.

LANGUAGE: Spanish.

Where is the course?

The course is taught in the Workshop of our Gallery in Miami, where you will be able to get to know each of the jobs we do, our machinery, products, and techniques very closely.

*Our course is to learn to work with laser machines, we do not use router machines.

You will make an art in acrylic, which will be specially intervened so that you can practice different techniques in it.

You'll learn:

  • Laser machine cuts.
  • Engravings on laser machines.
  • Techniques for drawing acrylic in a laser machine.
  • Acrylic types.
  • How to paint in acrylic and what are the best products.
  • Types of glue for solid, translucent and mirror acrylic.
  • Star products to clean acrylic.
  • How to assemble arts with relief acrylics.
  • How to bend acrylic.
  • Includes led technique and everything you need to turn acrylic into a work of art!!
  • You take an art made by you 🥰
We are waiting for you with love, the @Luxurysignmiami family💎

    Manufacture with acrylic and turn your knowledge into your next business!

    You can contact us for more information at this link: click me

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