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Luxury Sign Miami

Online Course Led Neon Flex - Spanish

Online Course Led Neon Flex - Spanish

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You will have access to the course for 90 days.

By purchasing this item, you can enjoy the course.

When buying, make sure to write your email correctly because we will send you the course by that means.

We get to where you are! After asking so much; finally, we have the online course available worldwide for you!

We have trained more than 1500 companies

The course is aimed at teaching you how to correctly handle the neonled flex strip and how to make signs. (We do not explain any technique related to the world of acrylic, it includes the explanation of how you are going to make the design for the background of the sign).

Our online course is totally practical and in Spanish. The academic duration is 1 hour and 23 minutes, where our founder and creative plastic artist, Gregory Martínez, will explain and show you in detail his personalized technique to create art and illuminate any element or space with led neon flex.

With the online course, you will have the opportunity to learn as if you were in a live class. In addition, the class will be recorded for you for 90 days, so you can pay attention to every detail, buy the necessary materials (we tell you which ones you need) and take note of each tip.

It's your time to undertake wherever you are and live the Luxury Sign Miami experience!

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