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Luxury Sign Miami

Master Class: Art and Painting in Acrylic and Wood

Master Class: Art and Painting in Acrylic and Wood

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At the request of many followers, we have decided to launch a Master Class directed by our creative artist Gregory Martínez where he exposes the most current advanced painting techniques in acrylic and wood.

I'll tell you a little story:
In our beginnings we did not have the machinery that we have today. However; Without having a printer to add color to our signs , our imagination never stopped running! Our creative artist Greg painted on any surface and brought all his works to LIFE…🤟🏼🎨

We have trained over 1,500 companies in acrylic and neon flex driving courses and the results are astounding. True manufacturers have emerged from our teachings and we are very proud of all of you, both our loyal followers and those trained in the different courses we offer.

The duration of this Master Class is 1 hour and 15 minutes where our founder and creative plastic artist, Gregory Martínez, will explain and show you in detail his personalized technique for creating art with paint on acrylic and wood. You can't miss it!!!

It is your moment to undertake wherever you are and live the Luxury Sign Miami experience!

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