We have a total of 10 colors available for your neon sign, 20 colors for your led sign and 20 colors for your acrylic or wood art. In the following photograph we leave you all the available colors so that you can let your imagination fly.

If you are looking for something different, unique and totally personalized that you cannot create on our platform, do not hesitate to contact us on our instagram @luxurysignmiami or our whatsapp (786) 843-8636.

We will be very happy to assist you.

Of course yes, if you want us to send you a design proof of your art you must contact us directly, either through our instagram @luxurysignmiami or our whatsapp (786) 843-8636

Our attention is totally personalized, where we always have contact with our clients, whether by call, email or text message, we will always offer them timely and friendly attention. 

We have the most exclusive and personalized neon, led, acrylic and wood signs on the market (which you will not find on other platforms).

Our Neon Flex signs are made by hand with neon led light tubes, which are safe for children. children and environmentally friendly.

We have the best quality in our acrylic and we handle different thickness options available to you: ⅛ and ¼.

Our MDF ⅛ and PLYWOOD ¼ allow the best finishes, to always offer you the best art on the market.

Our signs are made of led neon light tubes that are safe for children and friendly to the environment. It has no harmful gases, does not heat up, is easy to install, and requires little energy. We use 5.1mm Neon Flex which will prevent your sign from breaking.  

Our neon signs will always have a 1/4 acrylic border which will give it added strength. We also work with 1/8 and 1/4 acrylic in different colors to create your perfect sign. If you don’t find your preference among our color options, we offer you the technique of painting acrylic to achieve the color you want.

The wood we use is 1/8 MDF and 1/4 PLYWOOD, which allow the best finishes.

Our Signs have a unique assembly. All signs are affixed to a clear (or color of your choice) acrylic backing that is laser cut to the same shape as the letters. There are small screw holes on the acrylic backing for installation. 

 Our most popular option would be the cut-to-letter option. We also have the option of different backing colors, such as black, mirror (silver or gold), etc. Please let us know during the process if you prefer a different color.

The acrylic edge guarantees that the led neon will never come off since we work with it by embedding the neon and not gluing it, to always give you the best result on the market.

No, we only design for interiors, we do not recommend using our neon and led arts outdoors, since our products cannot receive water or bad weather, we are not esponsible for damage to the sign due to being in contact with water or extreme sun.

Hanging your new sign is surprisingly easy. Luxury Sign Miami® custom signs weigh from 1 to 30 pounds maximum, and include pre-drilled holes in the acrylic board. Luxury Sign Miami® custom signs are safe to transport and easy to install.

In case there are going to be holes in the wall, or in the surface to hang your sign, you will have to use a drill.

To wall mount your new neon sign, you will need one of our wall mounting or sign hanging kits (in case of LOGOS). You can also do it yourself with hardware items:

Fishing wire (we recommend using strong wire and using fisherman’s knots)

Rope (we recommend knotting securely).

Heavy duty removable hooks.

Note: The above is only a recommendation. Luxury Sign Miami® is not responsible for the wall mounting and/or installation of any of our products. Check that your art is well installed to avoid any damage or fall of it.

For our neon arts, the manufacturing and shipping time is 1 month, in case the art is before, the shipment will be made once we have it ready.

For acrylic and wood art, our shipping times are 15 business days, from Monday to Saturday, if the art is ready before this date, the shipment will be made once it is finished

Yes, you can get an express delivery of your order with the additional 15%. We are known for fast and timely production. You will need to contact us first so that we can confirm the exact time of delay.

Once your order has been placed and paid for, it cannot be cancelled. Please confirm your order is correct before purchasing. If you notice an error in your order, please contact our customer service department within 24 hours. You must call us at the following number (786) 843-8636, we only accept telephone calls in this case.

The above applies ONLY if in the 24 hours after placing the order the art has not yet been processed. If the order has already been processed, Luxury Sign Miami® is not responsible for any errors made by the customer.

We do not make returns or refunds of money, if we find that the art really arrived in poor condition, we will replace it.

To be able to replace your art, you must have proof and evidence that the art arrived in poor condition at the final destination and it was not due to user error that it broke down.

We recommend that in case your art arrives broken, or in poor condition, you send us a photograph at the time you uncover the product, so we can have proof that it arrived in poor condition.

We offer products for RENT to be used in events, we have these products in stock available only for rent. You will need to contact us first.

No, our computer guided machines can cut any shape.

Send us an email or write to our whatsapp number (786) 843-8636 a message with your artwork and we will send you a quote within 2 to 5 business days.

For most names longer than 5 letters, we have found that the perfect size is between 30 to 36 inches wide. A thickness of 1/8 is the most popular, but any thickness will work depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

We offer wholesale sales. Contact us at our whatsapp number (786) 843-8636 about the product you want wholesale and we will provide you with more information.

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