Printed Acrylic Logo with Front-Facing LED Neon Lights

Our manufacturing time is a maximum of 15 days + shipping time.


The transformer we provide is 12v, its deterioration or malfunction over time is not guaranteed by Luxury Sign Miami.
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Upload the file in PNG or PDF formats, if the image quality is not adequate we will contact the client. If the client does not have the correct file to make the logo, the design service is $50
15 Days (Standard)
7 Days +(10%)
3 Days +(15%)
Grand total


Enhance your brand’s visibility with our custom acrylic logos featuring neon designs. We specialize in crafting eye-catching acrylic logos illuminated with vibrant neon, adding a dynamic and captivating element to your brand identity. Personalize your space with these sleek and modern acrylic logo prints, meticulously designed to showcase your brand’s personality and allure with a mesmerizing neon glow. Elevate your brand presence with our premium custom acrylic logos with neon designs, where your brand’s identity comes to life in a radiant display of creativity and style.

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